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Hetronic NOVA and GL series belly box wireless radio remote transmitters are ergonomically designed to provide a high level of functional safety for operators of industrial hydraulic, electric and pneumatically controlled equipment in rugged environments. NOVA and GL series belly box transmitters are carried by the operator either attached to their waist with an adjustable belly belt or held in two hands, promoting operator safety and without operator fatigue whilst improving efficiency and productivity.

NOVA and GL series Hetronic belly box transmitters operate equipment ranging from simple to complex and offer a wide range of multi-function controls. They are either available as standard pre-engineered “off-the-shelf” for common applications or can be custom tailored and configured to a specific control depending on your requirements including Intrinsically Safe Ex (Explosion Proof) hazardous applications.

Alternatively, the GR and EURO Hetronic transmitters are specifically designed for rugged environment applications where complex, multi-function control is required to safely complete the job. Both GR and EURO transmitters offer a large control panel and allow plenty of space for a variety of easy to use controls, while the lightweight design and ergonomic shoulder harness permits a smooth and safe operation of the machine reducing operator fatigue.


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