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Hetronic Australasia specialises in the custom design and manufacture of industrial Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems. From concept to production our knowledgeable and well-trained employees ensure high-level technical engineering design along through life technical support. See some of our success stories below.



The Award-winning HMS Compact Mini Loader is primarily used for cleaning spilled product from under and around conveying systems.

The creator behind it, HMS Equipment Pty. Ltd. a member of the HMS Group of Companies Australia has been a partner to Hetronic for many years having great insights in our products to make the perfect compliant and tailored solution to meet their needs.


A massive congratulations to the team at HMS Equipment and Hetronic Australasia on another quality product designed and built for Bobcat Australia. Featured below is one of three remote controlled Bobcat E32 Excavators that will be sent off to work and assist in hazardous environments. The original cabin was removed and made into a fully remote controlled machine. It was a massive effort by everyone all the way from design, manufacturing, testing, documentation and training.



The fire robot technical advancements were developed for remote control compliance and user friendly systems.​ This is achieved by running water to the robot by a flick of a switch. Once again using our latest technology by Hetronic Nova XL.​

The goal is to have a dedicated fire robot based at all fire stations across Australia making easy access to this machine. It will not only save lives but save time and resources.


Hetronic Australasia is an integral part of the HMS Group of companies and the authorised Hetronic partner for Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Island regions. Located centrally to the NSW mining, manufacturing and technology region we are well poised to provide solutions for all your radio remote control system needs locally, nationally and internationally. Hetronic Australasia specialises in the custom design, manufacture and through-life support of Industrial Radio Remote Control systems. Our controls offer world-class technology, safety, local compliance and reliability backed by global support in over 70 countries.

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